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ERC Statement on Kerry’s Visit to Egypt and the Resumption of US-Egypt Strategic Review

The Hon. Secretary of State,   It is with much regret that we observe the dire consequences of US foreign policy on Egypt, in what can only be described as

Katatni Criticizes US Policies in Middle East in Meeting With American Officials

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party met with Mr. Prem Kumar, director of Egypt affairs on the National Security staff at the White House,

Actions by Salafi Groups Threaten the Revolution’s Greatest Achievements

We call on all factions, non-governmental organizations, armed forces and the government to unite in saving the revolution and defending the spirit of liberty by stopping the actions and holding

US not Afraid of MB Growing Power in the Region

Declaring the Egyptians right to determine their leader, John Kerry, Chairman of the US Senate foreign relations committee, said that the US is not afraid of the MB's growing power

Wikileaks and the new global order: America’s wake-up call

Jonathan Cook argues that the disclosure by Wikileaks of secret US diplomatic cables highlight “Washington’s own sense of the limits on its global role” but that “the world’s finite resources

Increasing European-Russian convergence

Despite the Cold War, Russia and Europe traded commodities entirely reliably and since abandonment of Russia’s command economy with its dogmas a broad movement for closer economic links has developed.

Critics question Obama’s authenticity in call for democracy

An article posted in the Washington post by Fred Hiatt discusses the US commitment to prioritise its call for democracy worldwide.

What Obama Hasn’t Changed About the Mid East Peace Process

Forgive my cynicism, but you will not see me holding my breath in anticipation of a comprehensive and just conclusion to the Arab-Israeli conflict, not this time around, not even

Turning a Blind Eye to Egypt

Since President Obama’s Cairo speech, his administration has been disturbingly quiet in word and deed about the Egyptian government’s repression of democracy.

US report reveals Americans want administration to leave Middle East alone

A recent survey in the US revealed that the majority of American people did not oppose the idea of any fundamentalist Islamic group assuming power in any Middle East Muslim