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Israel Fears Regime Change in Egypt

An Israeli newspaper has revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fears the expected changes of power in Egypt, including shifts in leadership due to the people's uprising against ousted

Bush blames Mubarak for war decision

Former US President Bush's book Decision Points, which reveals and highlights mistakes made by him during the Iraq war campaign alleges that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had informed Bush that

When they shout: We strongly condemn

Martin Indyk wrote an op-ed in The New York Times entitled "For once, hope in the Middle East". When I read it, I felt I should respond with an article

Israel to approve master plan to expand Jewish zones in east J’lem

The Israeli ministry of interior's planning and construction committee intends to approve an unprecedented master plan to expand what it called the Jewish neighborhoods (settlement outposts) in occupied east Jerusalem,

Study indicates Obama not so popular

A new study by the Pew Center suggests that the Muslim Brotherhood's prediction was true where they stated before his memorable address in June 2009,that "If Obama fails to deliver

Prospects for Egypt in 2010

Since 2005, when the administration of US President George W Bush was weighing heavily on Cairo to carry out democratic reforms, Egypt has experienced a tumultuous few years.

Reagan’s Ghost: Starwars Stops START

The proliferation of nuclear states since 1960s merely reinforces this mutual assured destruction logic.

Afghans angry at Obama’s Nobel win

Barack Obama, the US president, has received the Nobel Peace Prize at a ceremony in Oslo - days after he ordered an escalation of US involvement in the war in

Obama’s Nuclear Spring

"The Guardian" -- The talk in Israel, explicit and open – including in the country's leading daily, Haaretz, last week – is about a war in the coming spring or

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Rejects Bush’s Egypt Visit

Many parties in the Egyptian political landscape have condemned the planned visit of the US President George Bush to Egypt , expected to kick off within days as a part