The US national image and its contradictions

Lawrence Davidson analyses the reasons behind the widening gulf between the US national self-image as “the world’s prime purveyor of good government, stability and progress” and the reality of imperial

The Obama administration’s quiet approach to Arab reform

While the last two years have witnessed a few modest advances in political reform in Arab countries--importantly, women appear to be participating politically in larger numbers--the general trend has been

President Obama Would Rather Kill Palestinians than Feed American Children

"No matter what happens "the Arabs will be blamed….American cowardice – in the face of the immensely powerful Jewish lobby in the US – has produced a situation in which

Stonewalling Goldstone

On September 15, 2009, the UN Human Rights Council's (HRC) Goldstone Commission issued its findings on Cast Lead, Israel's war of aggression against Gaza, inflicting enormous loss of life, thousands

Big settlement projects approved as Netanyahu flies to US

The Israeli government approved three settlement projects in occupied Jerusalem on the eve of its premier's departure for Washington to meet with US president Barack Obama.

Zionism and peace are incompatible

Alan Hart speculates whether US President Barack Obama will make one last bid for peace in the Middle East by not vetoing a possible UN Security Council resolution recognizing Palestinian

IOA to build hundreds of housing units in OJ

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has endorsed plans for the construction of 240 new housing units in occupied Jerusalem, a Hebrew press report said.

The Grudge, An Inverted History Of Israel And America

Two weeks ago, USS Liberty survivor, Philip Tourney, was told he would be killed within a month. The threat made against Tourney, US Navy veteran and heroic survivor of the

Why Jon Stewart Is a Huge Long Term Threat to Fox News?

The newest Pew Research Center’s survey of where and how people get their news has been released, and while Fox News is still polling the oldest viewership, Stephen Colbert and

Hamas, don’t blow this chance

Can the resistance exploit the fake talks, re-position itself and finally "come good”?