The War Journal: Challenges to Libya After Gaddafi

As of writing, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi is teetering on the edge of defeat in Tripoli.

In Egypt, U.S. Government Seeks a Few Good Democrats

Marwan Yehia Youness, who had volunteered for Hosni Mubarak’s party, had his business partner applied for a democracy grant from USAID.

SCAF Opens Investigations Into US Funding of Activists Groups

The debate in Egypt continues following the Egyptian military’s rejection of US and Western financing to Egypt’s NGO’s believed to counter the revolution which began in January. Egyptians are growing

Egypt’s military calls on US and EU to freeze assets of ousted Mubarak’s aides

Following the historical toppling of Egypt’s ruling regime, the Egyptian military led government has called upon the US and EU to freeze the assets of top former leaders under the

The Obama administration’s quiet approach to Arab reform

While the last two years have witnessed a few modest advances in political reform in Arab countries--importantly, women appear to be participating politically in larger numbers--the general trend has been

Turning a Blind Eye to Egypt

Since President Obama’s Cairo speech, his administration has been disturbingly quiet in word and deed about the Egyptian government’s repression of democracy.

Egypt’s Regime Will Change

Sometimes, it seems like the United States is more interested in giving aid to Egypt than Egypt is to receive it. This year, for example, Egypt objected to a $250

Egypt’s businessmen accused of getting wealthy on USAID

Yehya Hussein, head of the "No to Selling Egypt" movement, accused the ruling National Democratic Party's policy secretariat of serious indiscretion, failure and neglect in implementing the privatization program after

Israel goes PR through Propaganda

Israeli TVs and tens of other Israeli media outlets seem to be recruited by the government of Israel now.

US funds Israel’s apartheid roads plan

Jonathan Cook reports that a US government aid agency is financing the construction of Jews-only apartheid roads in the illegally-occupied West Bank, contrary to Washington’s pledge not to assist in