Belgian School Fires Teacher for Wearing Veil

Belgium beat France to the face veil ban, looks like the fall out is already being felt.

Muslim driver fined for wearing veil

A Muslim woman has accused French police of attacking her freedom after she was fined for wearing a niqab while driving in the city of Nantes.

Open Letter to Islamophobe Dutch MP Geert Wilders

Ok, you don’t like Muslims. Yet they are not going to go away. Your case is analogous to that of the man whose garden was infested by ladybirds. They were

French mayor: Halal restaurant is discrimination

A French council has filed a complaint against a fast food chain that uses only halal meat in its burgers.

The anti-Muslim Nile Hotel

If a Muslim cannot be treated with equality in a “Muslim” country, then how can we expect equality anywhere else? Of course, “Muslim” entails much more that one single culture,

In Egypt, female taxi drivers for women only

The Committee of Fatwas of al-Azhar, which is responsible for issuing Islamic fatwas, or decisions, said it would allow women to work as taxi drivers in the country, but only

To wear the burqa or not.

This is with reference to the news, ‘France Moves to Outlaw Burqa (KT, January 24).

A guide to the different types of veil

The "burqa ban" actually refers to the niqab, a veil closely associated with Wahabi traditionalists in the Arabian peninsula. FRANCE 24 looks at the different types of veil worn across

Egyptian University Presidents set on banning niqab during exams.

The fierce campaign against the students wearing veils continue as University officials ban over 20 students from taking their tests simply for wearing protective facial masks