Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns Attempts to Spread Division, Strife Among Yemeni People

The Muslim Brotherhood is following with concern the developing situation in Yemen, and the heinous attempts to separate its south, at a time when the Yemeni people are living in

Beheira Natrun Detainees Victimized by Prison Authorities

Political prisoners held in the notorious Natrun prison complex are subjected to horrendous violations, atrocities and abuse by prison administration and wardens.

Rights Group Condemns Junta Violations Against Children As Medical Neglect Threatens Child’s Life

An Egyptian human rights NGO documents horrific violations by junta authorities against children in custody, including slow death by evident and deliberate medical neglect.

Names of 16 Dakahlia Citizens Taken by Junta Forces in Egypt in Just Two Days

Activists on social networking websites documented the forced disappearance of 16 citizens from Egypt’s Dakahlia Province after ferocious junta security raids, on September 16 and 17. Those ‘disappeared’ citizens are:

Egypt Alliance Denounces Oppression in “Down with Disgrace and Shame Junta” Peaceful Protest Week

Every day, it becomes clearer that the floundering Sisi is a pure disgrace and a dark shame in Egypt’s history, and that no matter how long he stays in power,

Lawyers Statement on Coup Security Kidnapping, Disappearance of Mohamed Sadek

The undersigned condemn, in the strongest terms, the continued escalation by the Interior Ministry and security apparatuses of the oppressive policy that aims to terrorize and intimidate lawyers and defenders

Fraud and intransparent student body elections evident in all of the Egyptian universities.

Universities and faculties all over Egypt witnessed the unjust measures where students of the MB were denied the opportunity to withdraw applications for nomination in the students body election.

Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood denies fabricated allegations of his resignation.

Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement Mohamed Mahdy Akef expressed his surprise on allegations by numerous media sources of his resignation today

Supporting Palestinian Resistance and Women’s Political Participation Are Our Causes

It is also necessary that the trend towards the empowerment of women, as a positive form of discrimination, not lose balance of the principles and rules of equality and equal

The Muslim Brotherhood Denies Report It Called for Writer Prosecution

The Lebanese Menassat news agency has mysteriously translated the word "Jama’a Islamiya" or "The Islamic Group" into the Muslim Brotherhood in a news story about a call by Jama’a Islamiya