Press Syndicate Demands Release of Journalists Detained During Jerusalem Protests

A number of journalists organized a stand-up protest inside the Journalists Syndicate to demand the release of their colleagues, chanting slogans against the repressive security apparatus and the crackdown on

Al Azhar’s Statement Regarding the US Decision on Jerusalem

Al Azhar follows with extreme rejection and condemnation the US administration’s declaration of the city of Al Quds Al Sharif (Jerusalem) as the capital of the occupying Zionist entity in

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood Warns: Trump Will Ignite the Region

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan accused the United States of threatening world peace by its decision to recognize occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In an exclusive statement to

President Morsi’s Family Files Lawsuit Demanding Visitation Rights

The defense team of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first elected civilian president, said on Tuesday that it filed a lawsuit with the Administrative Court to enable his family to visit

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Hamas and Fatah Agreement, and the Issue of Jerusalem

The Muslim Brotherhood values the agreement between ‘Fatah’ and ‘Hamas’ on the joint action to strengthen the Palestinian position   in the face of statements by US officials with respect to

Cairo University Expels 6 Professors, Including Amr Hamzawi, on Political Grounds

Cairo University has decided to terminate the tenure of five faculty members for allegedly affiliating with the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that its move is based on a  decision that designate

Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Condemns Heinous Sinai Attack

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that targeted the al-Rawdah mosque in the city of Bir Al Abed in Sinai, which killed and wounded hundreds

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Gulf Crisis & Terror Accusation

As the crisis in the Gulf region accelerated, the group issued a statement (June 6, 2017), in which it made a sincere appeal to heal the rift and preserve Arab

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement Marks International Missing Children’s Day

On the twenty-fifth of May (International Missing Children’s Day) each year, the world remembers children who went missing in war or at the hands of criminals. In Egypt, we mark

Muslim Brotherhood: Death Sentences, Executions Will Not Intimidate Us

To the traitorous military coup’s judges complicit in the spilling of innocent revolutionaries’ blood… To those who sentenced to death seven young patriotic men in Kafr el-Sheikh… The patriotic youths