Rights Organization: Political Prisoner Mohamed Abdel-Ghani Suffers Slow Death in Coup Jail

Shehab Center for Human Rights warns that brutal coup regime practice of deliberately killing dissidents with methodical medical neglect is a heinous crime with no statute of limitations.

Muslim Brotherhood on International Workers Day: Military Junta Trample All Rights

A statement by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood urging workers and all citizens to rise in revolt to oust the traitorous junta-appointed regime and reinstate democratic legitimacy.

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman: Our Land, Our Honor

A new saga was started in Egypt Friday by the revolutionaries in a majestic scene of mass protests that recreated the atmosphere of January 25, 2011 Revolution, and carried along

Rights Group: Coup Security Forces Assault, Detain Journalists During Friday Protest Coverage

An Egyptian rights organization documents many incidents of police brutality against journalists covering anti-junta mass protests across Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie: We are Punished for Joining January 25, 2011 Revolution

In court Tuesday, Muslim Brotherhood leader Badie reiterates that the group never committed any crimes; but is being brutally punished for taking part in the 2011 Revolution that ousted authoritarian

Muslim Brotherhood Stands Steadfast with Egypt’s Doctors

Egypt’s doctors came out today (Saturday) in roaring demonstrations in defense of the dignity of the great Egyptian people, after brutal coup authorities trampled their rights, their pride, along with

Youth Activists Campaign for ‘Disappeared’ Alexandria Students

Alexandria (Egypt) rights activists continue to use social media to highlight the ordeal of 20 youths subjected to forced disappearance by coup security forces since February 4.

Disappeared Dozens Tortured by Fascist Junta Apparatuses in Sharqeya Province

Evidence emerges that forcibly disappeared citizens are being held and inhumanly tortured to death in Egypt's National Security HQ in Abu Kabir – Sharqeya Governorate (north-east of Cairo).

Rights Organization Report Details Coup Atrocities on January 25 Revolution Fifth Anniversary

NGO ECRF's final report documents junta regime violations against peaceful anti-coup protesters including at least 5 extrajudicial killings, numerous injuries, 193 arrests and detentions (including many girls and women) in

Rights Report on Coup Forces Violations in Peaceful Protests Monday So Far

At the start of the sixth year of the January 25 Revolution, NGO ECRF reports atrocities against non-violent anti-coup protesters including 3 extrajudicial killings, many injuries, 37 arrests and detentions