Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Ismailia Car Bombing

According to medical sources, one person has been killed and 43 others injured in Egypt’s Ismailia blast.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Urges Continued Non-Violent Defiance

Egypt’s pro-legitimacy coalition vows to continue support for the student movement’s peaceful struggle and to escalate revolutionary activities.

Farid Ismail: National Salvation Front Uses Political Violence, Extortion to Impose Own Agenda

The NSF holds Egypt hostage with increasingly violent demonstrations, vandalism and destruction to achieve its leaders’ personal purposes and dubious agendas.

Al-Shater: Dubious Forces in Desperate Endeavors to Fail Nascent Egypt Democracy

As the pangs and spasms of Egypt’s old guard and cronies in their death throes get more violent, their heinous plot becomes more vivid, brutal murder and wanton destruction and


Islam is the unfortunate scapegoat presented, stereotyped and linked to each catastrophe which so happens to involve an individual Muslim, who by the way may not be a practicing Muslim.

IOA demolishes tent of evicted family in Sheikh Jarrah

In the context of the daily Israeli violations committed against Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank, fanatic Israeli settlers set fire at an early hour Thursday to an old