Wadi Natrun


Egypt Detainees Plea Protests Administration Violations, Atrocities

In addition to the fact that they are innocent citizens unjustly jailed for their political views, Wadi Natrun Prison inmates are regularly attacked and brutally beaten and deprived of essential

After the Unjust Sentencing…

Wadi Natrun Prison detainees' families shocked at 15-year sentences against their young sons.

Wadi Natrun Detainees Start Hunger Strike to Protest Brutal Torture

Suffering severe torture at the hands of coup security forces, Wadi Natrun prisoners start a total hunger strike.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Farcical Natrun Trial of Legitimate President

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood condemns the vindictive trial of the country's elected, pro-democracy President Morsi on laughable trumped up charges of prison breaking.

Message from Prisoners of Wadi Natrun Jail about their Total Food Strike

Political prisoners and peaceful protesters detained in the notorious Wadi Natrun junta jail, to the north of Cairo, sent an open letter to all Egyptians.

FJP Legal Committee Chairman: Wadi Natrun Ruling Political, Null and Void

On Sunday, a court in Ismailia (in the north-east of Egypt) ordered state prosecutors to investigate the escape of detainees and inmates from Wadi Natrun prison during the January 25

Muslim Brotherhood Delegation Attends Pope Shenouda III Memorial Service

A delegation of Brotherhood leaders joined Coptic mourners at a ritual marking 40 days since the death of Pope Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria.