Wael Ghoneim


Wael Ghoneim: President Morsi’s Vision on New Constitution Most Reassuring

Egyptian revolutionary youth and political activists find President Morsi’s vision for the country’s new national charter quiet encouraging.

Egypt’s National Front Meets to Support True Partnership with Presidential Institution

Various parties, groups and movements making up the Egyptian national front meets in preparation for real endeavors to achieve the goals of the January 25 (2011) revolution as well as

Beltagy Rejects Military Justice for Political, Media Personalities

Dr. Beltagy announces work through parliament to abolish military trials of civilians, soon.

Abdul Rahman Mansour Mastermind behind Egypt Uprising

Much controversy has risen lately about the mastermind behind Egypt's uprising as Shady Ghazali Harb, member of the January 25 coalition, revealed that activist and journalist Abdel Rahman Mansour is

Beltagy: Dismissal of Shafiq’s Government Is a Must

Wael Ghoneim, administrator of Khaled Saeed's Facebook group, went on the stage in Tahrir Square hand in hand with Dr.Mohamed El-Beltagy, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood chanting "Together, one hand"

Abdul Rahman Mansour Another Man Behind the Revolution

Following the revelation of Wael Ghoneim Google's now famous executive as being behind the People’s Revolution it’s only fair to announce that others were among the admin of January 25th

Those Who Abducted Wael Ghoneim Must Be Held Accountable Keeping The State Security Investigations Means

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today said that impunity in Egypt must be put to an end.