Wafd Party


Arif: Attack on ‘Ghadd Althawra’ HQ Unacceptable; Perpetrators Must Be Brought to Justice

Muslim Brotherhood condemns attack on Ghadd Althawra Party office in Cairo, and urges investigation of the totally intolerable incident of false-arrest, vandalization, theft and arson.

Freedom and Justice Newspaper Under Siege, Muslim Brotherhood’s Website HQ Torched

More barbaric action violates the most basic of human rights as the Freedom and Justice Party’s newspaper is surrounded by certain protestors and the Muslim Brotherhood's Website HQ is torched

Helmi Al-Gazzar: Freedom and Justice Party Helps Tourism Sector Out of Current Crisis

Freedom and Justice Party leader Gazzar assures party will do everything in its power to support and help Egyptian tourism sector move beyond current crisis.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Violent Attack on Wafd Party Headquarters

FJP leaders hold that a handful of individuals are still intent on destroying Egypt, undermining the people’s revolution and spoiling the democratic celebration and the people’s joy of the constitutional

Human Rights Activists, Politicians Welcome President Morsi’s Revolution Prisoners Pardon

April 6 movement, along with human rights activists and many politicians welcome Dr. Morsi’s decree to free prisoners of Egypt’s Jan 25 revolution; and affirm: this is a bold step

Political Parties and Groups Reach Consensus on Constitution-Writing Panel Composition

After a week-long discussion, political party leaders reach deal for the make-up of the constituent panel tasked with drafting Egypt’s new national charter.

In Response to ElBaradei’s Comment, Law Experts Assert Constituent Assembly All-Inclusive, Parliament Fully Legitimate

Surprised at Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei’s remarks in which he seemed to throw doubt on the legitimacy of the recently elected Egyptian parliament, and his open criticism of the Constituent Assembly,

Dr. Ahmed Diab: Freedom and Justice Party Keen on Parliamentary Committees Consensus; Crisis Within Other

Dr. Ahmed Diab, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Executive Office and the Deputy of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA) Education Committee, stressed that the party made

Mahmoud Hussein: We Persist in Tahrir Square to Fulfil Demands, Expedite Presidential Elections Via Proper

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), said the movement decided to commemorate the first anniversary of the revolution considering that there are demands that have already

Basem Sabry-Egypt’s Liberals and the Elections- Ahram

While it is important to understand what advantages Islamists had in the elections, it is also important to understand where liberal and secular forces failed