Wafd Party


Badie and MB delegation visit and congratulate new Wafd Party leader

Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood bloc will visit Saturday, the Wafd Party to congratulate Dr. Sayed El Badawi for his recent success in the Wafd Party elections.

MB and Wafd Party leaders meet with promises of future dialogue

In a press conference following a meeting between a Muslim Brotherhood delegation and the Wafd Party leaders Dr. Mohammed Badie MB chairman asserted that cooperation between the two parties will

MB MP: Emergency Law, instrument of tyranny and oppression

Dr. Mohamed Saad Al Katatni, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc has criticised the extension of the emergency law

MB and Wafd Party agree to continue constructive dialogues

The Muslim Brotherhood's recent meeting with members of the opposition Wafd Party proved to be amiable. The delegation headed by Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr discussed unified efforts regarding political reform

MB delegation convenes with Wafd Party members

The Muslim Brotherhood's dialogue initiative between opposition factions continues in full force, with the meeting of the Wafd Party scheduled for this Wednesday April 21st.

Editorial: ElBaradei and the intoxication of hope

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” is one such timeless classic that is of particular relevance to Egypt today.

The El-Baradei phenomenon

In El-Baradei we find an authentic liberal. He is a staunch believer in the civil and even secular state. There is no equivocation or wavering in his support for the

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood a purely civil organization

When Imam al-Banna founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement described the Muslim Brotherhood group as a Salafists, Sunni doctrine, Sufi approach, social and political body, sports group, grand economic company,

Qutb: Between Terror and Tragedy

Sayyid Qutb grew up in a very trundled time in Egyptian history. It was a time of demagogues and revolutionaries.

The “Militia”, The State, And The Rule of Law

Cairo center for studies of human rights hosted a heated seminar, on Wednesday evening, titled " The Militias ...State and Rule of Law", which discussed what the media outlets called