Dr. Morsi: We Respect Court Decisions, Seek Real Consensus on Constitution

The FJP head, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, believes writing Egypt’s new Constitution can help build trust between the country’s political players and stakeholders.

Consultation Hearings to Be Held Before Writing Constitution

MP Tariq Al-Desouki assures Egyptians their new constitution will be balanced; and is hopeful it will fulfill all citizens’ aspirations.

FJP Press Release # 14– Egyptian Shura Council Election Results

The Judicial Committee overseeing the re-run of the second and last phase of the ‘Shura Council’ elections has announced that the Freedom and Justice Party's (FJP), individual and party lists

Gov’t: Presidential Elections in Late May; Local Councils in July, August

Mohamed Ateyya, Egyptian Minister of People’s Assembly (PA) and Shura Council Affairs and Local Development, announced that the Presidential elections will take place late next May. Candidates would have 3

Civil Disobedience, Causes and Implications of Failure

Activists called for civil disobedience to coincide with the first anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, with a number of youth figures and movements announcing that civil disobedience is the only

PA Speaker Katatni Announces Elected Deputies

Newly elected People's Assembly Speaker, Dr. Saad Katatni, announced MP Ashraf Thabet (Professional seat) from the Nour Party as the Deputy PA Speaker after receiving 429 votes.

FJP Approves Nominations for Parliamentary Committees Chairmanships

Mr. Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, the newly appointed head of the Freedom and Justice Party's parliamentary bloc, stated that the bloc approved nominations for the various committees in parliament which have

Parties Confirm: Formation of Egyptian Parliament Seeks Consensus, No Exclusions

A number of political parties as well as the Democratic Alliance for Egypt (DA), led by the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), issued a statement on the Office of the

FJP Statement 39, Last day of the Third Phase, Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections 2011-2012

Polling centres were opened to voters in the last day of the third phase of the parliamentary elections. Although turnout at first was moderate it was expected that it would

Third Phase of Parliamentary Elections Kicks off with 136 FJP Candidates

Egypt will witness the third and last phase of the parliamentary elections Tuesday with 14.3 million eligible voters to cast their votes across nine governorates.