Suez Results, Lists, 2nd Phase of Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections

The HEC announced the official results of the 12 competing electoral lists of the second phase of Egypt’s parliamentary elections in Suez in the districts of, Al-Arbeeen, Al-Ganayen, Suez, Faisal,

Egyptian Legislative Elections, FJP Press Release No. (22)

The second day of the second phase of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections began with varying numbers of voters turning out, huge crowds at some polling stations, while some others

FJP Press Release No. (20), 2nd Phase, Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections 2011-2012

The Egyptian people continued turning out in huge numbers to vote in the first day of the second phase of legislative elections, 2011-2012. This tremendous turnout is hailed as a

Full English Translation of Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Interview on Dream TV with Wael Ibrashi

Dream TV aired (Fri 2 Dec) an interview conducted by presenter Wael Ibrashi with Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in which he touched on

FJP’s Rafiq Habib: Elections’ Results Sign of Healthy Political Diversity

Egypt’s historical parliamentary elections, witnessed crowds flocking to cast their votes and express their will. Preliminary results reveal that the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), is leading the polls; results

FJP Rejects Selmi’s Initiatives , Warns of Heightened Political Polarization Ahead of Elections

After five full hours, Tuesday’s conference for the declaration of the basic principles of the Constitution of the modern Egyptian state came to an end. Dr. Ali Selmi, Deputy Prime

DAE Coalition Expands Elections Coordination Committee

The "Democratic Alliance for Egypt" (DAE) is boosting its Elections Coordination Committee – which deals with all the parties involved in DAE and selects candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Democratic Alliance Calls on SCAF to Revoke Emergency Law Decision

The Democratic Alliance which met Tuesday in a closed meeting at the Wafd party’s headquarters issued a statement condemning SCAF’s decision to revive the deplored emergency law.

FJP Official Meets With EU Delegation

FJP Secretary General, Mohammad Sa’d El Katatny met with EU delegation on Tuesday morning July 26, to clarify the party’s vision regarding the current political events in Egypt.

SCAF Opens Investigations Into US Funding of Activists Groups

The debate in Egypt continues following the Egyptian military’s rejection of US and Western financing to Egypt’s NGO’s believed to counter the revolution which began in January. Egyptians are growing