Wahid Hamed


“The Brotherhood”: a Controversial Egyptian Television Series

Few Arabic television series have led to such controversy as the Egyptian series "The Brotherhood." It deals with the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and tells the story of the

Cops, Robbers … and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why the Egyptian government's propaganda version of CSI revealed more about its own paranoia than about its enemies.

“The Society”

A television series can cause uproar, raise a debate or start a dispute that would require the intervention of courts of law to be settled.

MB Deputy: Anti-MB, gov’t funded TV series ‘The Group’ mere propaganda

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy, Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, asserted that the anti-MB TV series ‘The Group’ will not have the public impact anticipated by the regime.

MB: Brotherhood TV series desperate attempt by dictatorial regime to distort image

A recent statement by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group has expressed distaste at the lame attempt to tarnish the group's reputation.

MB media spokesman: Brotherhood will not be affected by TV drama

Leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have expressed that the Ramadan series aired in Egypt called Al Gamaa will not deter the groups cause in calling for political

Egyptians slam TV series as govt propaganda

Egypt’s most popular Ramadan television series, al-Jama’a, (The Group) has created a controversial hype over its ‘propaganda’ portrayal of the country’s opposition, the UAE-based newspaper The National reports.

MB chairman calls on group not to be phased by TV series

The TV series aired this Ramadan “The group” written by Wahid Hamed has faced criticism and controversy by numerous Muslim Brotherhood members.

MB chairman criticizes gov’t funded TV series smearing MB

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie responded to the Egyptian TV series “The group", funded by the Egyptian government and critical of the Muslim Brotherhood and its leadership

MB skeptical about government run series on MB’s history

The forthcoming television series written by Wahid Hamed, about Egypt 's largest popular opposition has struck controversy from many of the group's members, including the son of founder Hassan al-Banna.