Wahid Hammed


Re-run of the MB controversial series is postponed till after the elections

According to Osama Al-Sheikh, director of the state-run Egyptian Radio and Television Union , re-runs of the controversial Muslim Brotherhood TV series "The group" aired in the month of Ramadan,

The abuse of plurality

What good is a free media when the preferred recourse is to demagoguery, asks Amr Hamzawy*

Egypt TV Show Stirs Debate over Muslim Brotherhood

The bearded young cleric yells at a young woman for lifting her traditional veil from her face while speaking to him on the street, and rants against Egyptians who adopt

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Memoir best-seller after airing of TV Series

The airing of Egypt 's controversial TV series "The group" showing the life of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna has triggered a surge in the group's book sales. The show

MB series the Group fails to have state’s desired negative impact

With approaching parliamentary and presidential elections politics has become the focus of all conversations in Egypt . Unsurprisingly, any discussion about politics rarely comes without a mention of the Muslim

The Brotherhood exposed

The widely viewed TV drama Al-Gamaa, which follows the life of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan el-Banna, has sparked fierce controversy since it started airing at the beginning of Ramadan.

Egypt: Ramadan Television and the Muslim Brotherhood

Are they insane to let Eyad Nassar plays Hassan El Banna's role in a series attacking Al-Ikhwan? Is the one responsible for the casting a member of Al-Ikhwan himself? Now

MB denies accusations by The Groups’ writer

Seif al-Islam al Banna, son of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al Banna rejected accusations by Wahid Hammed writer of the controversial TV series 'The Group'.