War on Iraq


Secretary General in Iraq calls for release of innocent men

Dr. Ossama Al-Tikriti Secretary General of the Islamic Party in Iraq called on the Prime Minister and the Supreme Judicial Council to endorse the release of the innocent prisoners with

Nothing Has Changed in Iraq

Perhaps the only meaningful statement in the testimony of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in front of a committee investigating the war on Iraq, is the one that disclosed

With Blair-Bush Lies, Muslims Died

From the Native Americans, North and South, to Africans, Arabs, Muslims, Asians, and the Aborigines of Australia and New Zealand, their lives, history, religion, culture and language were fodder for

The Litmus Test for the Legality of Iraq War

The future generation of Iraqis may see that the British population have a heart, not just the millions who marched against the war, but the vast majority disagree with this

Blair Survives Iraq Inquiry

Blair today is seen for what he really is. Instead of showing contrition and apologizing for the countless dead, maimed and homeless resulting from his reckless beliefs and lack of

Britain’s Iraq War Inquiry

Martin Gilbert should understand why the British public should be worried that an active supporter of Israel on the Iraq Inquiry might not be impartial or rigorous in scrutinizing the

Hiding War Horrors from Americans

Loss of objectivity could be seen in the wave of patriotism that swept through media coverage, Pulaski wrote. FAIR found that only 10 percent of news sources interviewed were opposed