War on Terror


Homegrown Radicals: Complacency is not an Option

An army major at Fort Hood guns down fellow soldiers, five young men arrested after traveling to Pakistan to join radical elements, a coffee vendor charged in a New York

With Blair-Bush Lies, Muslims Died

From the Native Americans, North and South, to Africans, Arabs, Muslims, Asians, and the Aborigines of Australia and New Zealand, their lives, history, religion, culture and language were fodder for

The Iraqi Oil Conundrum

Almost seven years later, it will come as little surprise that things turned out to cost a bit more than expected in Iraq and didn’t work out exactly as imagined.

Howard Zinn’s ‘War on Terror’ Critique

The historian pointed out that even if the US experienced few battle casualties in its invasion of Iraq, casualties would mount afterwards in the occupying army from sickness and trauma.

Al-Qaeda’s shadow over Taliban talks

With an international conference starting in London on Thursday expected to lay down a framework for the Afghan government to begin taking charge of its own security, in line with

Is al-Qaeda winning?

What does it say about Washington's ''war on terror'' that dozen and a half people with paper cutters forced hundreds of thousands of Western troops into the battlefields of the

Iran’s Crisis of Resistance

The "war on terror" was pretty great for Iran's hardliners. The Bush administration's 2002 inclusion of Iran in the "Axis of Evil" was a major blow to Iranian moderates, discrediting

Obama Can Win Afghanistan With Soft Partition & the “Reverse McCrystal Strategy”

Today, the Center for New Politics and Policy (CNPP) released its recommendations to abate the Taliban insurgency and stabilize Afghanistan with a new strategy paper called “Obama Can Win Afghanistan

Why Obama is the President of War not “Change”

This penetrating overview and analysis traces the ideology driving the Obama administration back to the concept of a "Divine America" and the policies applied against the indigenous people of North

The Muslim Brotherhood Goes Wiki

Al Jazeera.net reported today that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have erected an online encyclopedia to help inform the public about the organization’s history, ideology, and political aims. Dubbed Ikhwan