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Foolish Suspicion of Political Islam

As Arab countries and especially Egypt continue to struggle their way into a new and hopefully more democratic political order, a persistent theme in commentary in the United States about

WP: Egyptian Army Prefers Turkish Model, But Will Not Impose It

Washington Post, reported that the ruling Military Council started to release signals that they want the army to continue to play key roles, namely to be the guarantor of the

El Erian: Parliament Will Decide the Fate of Peace Treaty with Israel, not MB

Yearning for what was senior Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Essam el Erian stated that the real reason behind the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was that Israel was unjustly punishing the Palestinians for

Washington Post commends Egypt’s referendum post

The Washington Post published on Tuesday that voting yes on the referendum on the constitutional changes indicates the keenness of Egyptians to hold democratic parliamentary and presidential elections.

Five MB myths explained

A recent article in the Washington Post by Lorenzo Vidino, a visiting fellow at the Rand Corporation, and the author of "The New Muslim Brotherhood in the West” outlines his

ANHR denounces attacks on reporters during coverage of People’s Revolution demanding ousting of Information Minister

A recent statement by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information stated that the claims of reform proposed by the new Prime Minister are false and a sham because they

Opinion: Don’t fear the Muslim Brotherhood

Concerning Egypt: There is a meme taking root in the op-ed pages of power. "The Muslim Brotherhood is coming. Watch out!"

Arab Democracy Now!

The campaign against dictatorship in the Arab world has brought together some strange bedfellows.

The Obama administration’s double standards

Lawrence Davidson views a prime case of US double standards: the failure of the Obama administration to prosecute prominent US Republicans for lending support to an Iranian group that is

Obama’s half-hearted efforts for Egyptian democracy

Since Obama brought up the need for "a vibrant civil society, open political President Mubarak’s regime has done exactly the opposite of what Obama asked.