Wassat Party


FJP Understands Wassat Party Exit from National Alliance; Appreciates Pro-Revolution Endeavors

The Freedom and Justice Party values Wassat Party's move to establish new wider umbrella coalition to unite all anti-coup groups and parties.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Announces Referendum Boycott

The Anti-Coup National Alliance announces it is to boycott the sham referendum on the junta’s constitution scheduled for 14 and 15 January 2014.

Putschists Arrest Brotherhood Leader Erian – Most Prominent Opponent of Mubarak, Military

Pressing on with their vindictive campaign of repression to quell all opposition, Egypt’s military putschists send ‘visitors of dawn’ to arrest and detain the FJP’s Vice Chairman Erian.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Erian Arrest in Coup Security Dawn Raid

Egypt’s FJP slams the dawn arrest of deputy leader Essam El-Erian in Cairo Wednesday as further proof the military junta is determined to mop up all opposition from the political

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on US Delegation Meet Saturday, August 3

Coalition of pro-democracy, pro-Morsi groups, parties and movements clarifies details of their meeting Saturday with an American delegation.

Law Experts: President Morsi Victory-Challenge Illegal

Ignoring all rules, laws, constitutional articles and established principles, a court in Egypt accepts a complaint from failed presidential candidate Shafiq challenging Morsi’s election victory.

Hussein Ibrahim: FJP Welcomes National Reconciliation Initiatives that Respect Legitimacy

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP welcomes Wassat Party’s initiative Saturday to convene an urgent meeting of political parties and movements to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation.

Egypt Parliament Reassures Judges: Shura Council Aims to Protect Judiciary Independence

As Egypt’s Upper House approves further discussions of Judiciary Law amendments, Shura Council Speaker Fahmi assures judges everything is debatable and no-one seeks a massacre of judges.

Upper House Asks Supreme Judicial Council for Own Judicial Authority Law Amendments

As FJP’s Erian asserts that Egypt’s Judiciary must be consulted on amendments to law regulating its authority, Shura Council invites top judicial body to provide its own law amendments.

Egypt Upper House Will Discuss Judicial Authority Law; No Approval Without Judges’ Views

Egypt lawmakers assure judges’ opinions will be taken into consideration as an amended judiciary law is debated and passed.