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Egypt’s women judges get favorable ruling

Egypt’s women judges welcomed a Constitutional Court ruling on Sunday that said women can be appointed to the country’s top advisory court. The ruling comes weeks after the State Council

Islamism: why the west gets it wrong

Islamism is widely misunderstood in the west. It has its roots in a reaction to the global politics of the 20th century.

Muslim women wage jihad against violence

International Women’s Day on 8 March provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the work women are doing to combat gender inequality. Violence and inequality affect women around the world,

Were there women in Islamic history?

The beginning of discussion regarding women in the Islamic world in the form of "Were there women in Islamic history" as a claim and counter-claim falls at a time when

Conflict arises in Egypt opposition over ElBaradei’s leadership, Muslim Brotherhood

Conflict within the so-called unified Egyptian opposition appears to be breaking.

Egypt: Female Judges Barred from Council Positions

Dozens of women and human rights organizations staged a protest on Thursday in front of the Egyptian State Council’s Cairo headquarters in reaction to a recent decision by the Council

The anti-Muslim Nile Hotel

If a Muslim cannot be treated with equality in a “Muslim” country, then how can we expect equality anywhere else? Of course, “Muslim” entails much more that one single culture,

Egypt fights underage marriage and school dropouts

Khattab explained that the most important reasons for customary marriage is to avoid the conditions of the legal age for marriages, which in Egypt is 18-years-old, and the financial status

Suspicions Linger as Libya and US break the Ice

While the two countries have come a long way, hard work lies ahead if both Libya and the US are serious about final rapprochement. For Libya, it’s far more important

In Egypt, female taxi drivers for women only

The Committee of Fatwas of al-Azhar, which is responsible for issuing Islamic fatwas, or decisions, said it would allow women to work as taxi drivers in the country, but only