Egyptian Revolutionary Council Urges Workers to Participate in Civil Disobedience

 The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) called on Egyptian workers Tuesday to join civil disobedience action with the rest of the Egyptian people from all walks of life, to save the

New Luxor Governor Vows to Stimulate and Support Tourism with All Resources

New governor of renowned historical Luxor province of Egypt affirms that his priorities are to solve all tourism problems and help the sector’s workers earn a decent living.

Freedom and Justice Party Supports Workers’ Demands to Improve Living Conditions, Dignity

Marking international Labor Day, the FJP reiterates its full support for workers’ rights, freedoms and efforts to better their conditions.

Egypt Government Affirms Respect for Covenants on Labor Relations and Freedoms

Marking the International Workers’ Day, Egypt’s minister of Manpower and Emigration vows to improve labor laws, especially those relating to labor rights and freedoms.

Egyptian Ministry of Tourism Seeks to Assure and Attract Tourists with Novel Initiatives

As the usual culprits persist in their usual campaigns against postrevolution Egypt, the government endeavors to boost tourism in many innovative as well as classical ways.

Tourist Trips in Egypt Port-Cities Safaga and Port Said Boosted

Despite anti-government media propaganda that exaggerates Egypt’s security problem, which is limited to approximately 2 square miles in total, tourism is in fact picking up fast.

Freedom and Justice Party Hopes Egypt Top International Tourist Destinations

The Muslim Brotherhood launches domestic tourism trips to historical Luxor in upper Egypt, among efforts coordinated with the group’s political arm, the FJP, to help the country take its rightful

Freedom and Justice Party Supports Workers’ Rights and Independence of Trade Union Action

Saber Abul-Fotouh, of the Freedom and Justice Party – the political wing of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, affirms that the FJP is keen to safeguard workers' rights and the independence of

Manpower Minister Azhari: Workers Have Right to Elections and Freedoms

Egypt’s Minister of Manpower Azhari meets with legal experts and law professionals to discuss workers’ union elections and freedoms law, seeking to help the country’s labor unions meet current and

Egyptian President to Businessmen: We Will Fully Support Investment

While he reiterates his whole-hearted support for businessmen, Egypt’s recently inaugurated President Morsi urges businesses to provide more work-opportunities for young-people.