Beltagy: Parliament’s Key Achievements are Distorted, Vilified

FJP Secretary General, Beltagy, criticizes media for mostly ignoring – when not vilifying – the post-revolution parliament’s important and unprecedented achievements, and urges effective action to face up to old

Dr. Morsi Visits Industrial Area in Menoufia Province

The Brotherhood leader, Dr. Morsi, tours a major industrial area in Menoufia, Egypt, meets the managing director of one of the largest privately owned industrial groups in the country, and

Freedom and Justice Party Presents New Draft Law to Ensure Workers’ Freedom, Independence of Trade

MP Azhari always asserted that debating Syndicate Freedoms Law and expediting its passing and application were at the top of the GUW (General Union of Workers) agenda. Now he is

MB Chairman Celebrates with Labour Movement Activists

Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood will be participating in a celebration scheduled Sunday May 8, to honour a number of labour movement activists both living and departed

Breaking news: Security forces ransack Islamist bookstores arresting owners

Security forces in the Damietta governorate raid Islamist bookstores arresting a number of workers and employees.

Ottoway: Egypt, change or continuity?

David Ottaway, senior scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre published a recent article as part of the Woodrow Wilson International Center’s Occasional Paper series discussing the prospects for political

Military tribunal rules in favour of three workers, sentencing others to jail‏

Three workers from the Helwan for Engineering Industries accused of vandalizing factory properties in an attempt to deliberately stop production, and exposing "secret information" were ruled innocent by a military

Egypt must not try factory workers before a military court

Amnesty international has condemned the trial before an Egyptian military court of eight factory workers, all civilians, detained after taking part in a protest against poor safety conditions at the

Military court postpones trial of protesting workers

The military court trial of eight workers from the Helwan Engineering Industries Company was adjourned to August 28 as crowds anticipated the verdicts.

Israeli police detain dozens of workers, settler runs over three citizens

Israeli occupation police detained dozens of Palestinian workers from the West Bank while working in 1948 occupied Palestine.