Brotherhood approves law protecting workers’ rights

The People's Assembly's Plan and Budget Committee agreed in principle to a bill presented by "Ahmed Ezz, NDP secretary general and Chairman of the People's Assembly Planning and Budget Committee

Blog of the week: Amonsito & State Violence

The morning started with escalations by the workers of the Amonsito factory.

Security Forces assault protesting Amonisto employees

Egyptian Security Forces attacked Amonisto Company employees Sunday May 23, while they were protesting in front of Parliament. Tens were injured and more than 20 workers arrested. Journalists were also

Amonisto workers released

Alsayeda Zainab Prosecution ordered the release of 20 Amonisto workers after a 12 hour detention

MB Chairman: Islam acknowledges laborers hard work and toil

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), called upon workers on Labor Day to preserve the values of Islam and act upon it.

Electronic monitoring of elections launched

The Arab Council and New World Organizations for human Rights launched an electronic network to monitor elections in Egypt .

Mubarak slams opposition slogans, while failing to offer raises

President Mubarak's first address to the public after his gall-bladder surgery was laced with promises of him being by the workers side, however he failed to announce any real steps

Police clash with activists as opposition unite with MB call for reform

Downtown Egypt, witnessed hundreds of rallying pro-reform protestors who had planned to peacefully march towards the parliament building.

Egypt: sweeping reform needed to protect workers’ rights

“The authorities must mark International Workers’ Day by announcing sweeping legal and institutional reforms to promote and protect labor rights, including by allowing for workers to organize freely and form

Egypt: MB MP takes to the street with workers protests and demands

Human rights organizations, activists, students, and parliamentarians, are expected to participate on Sunday in a mass demonstration in front of the Ministers' Council to demand their minimum and rightful wage