Yasser Ali


Presidency Condemns Political Violence and Edicts Legalizing Killing of Opponents

Egyptian presidency stresses that dialogue is the only way to complete the path and achieve remaining objectives of the peaceful January 25 Revolution.

Presidency Determined to Continue National Dialogue

Egyptian Presidency reaffirms that right of peaceful expression is guaranteed for everyone on the second anniversary of January 25 Revolution.

Morsi: No Egyptian Interference in Neighboring Countries

President Morsi assures that Egypt does not meddle in its neighbors’ affairs, and that it does respect the choices of other nations in the region.

Egypt Presidency Seeks Serious National Dialogue with Opposition Parties, Groups and Movements

Reiterating its respect for all opposition views, Egypt Presidency vows to boost citizens’ rights and freedoms, as it looks out for national accord, dialogue and harmony.

Yasser Ali: Constitutional Declaration Follows Proper Consultations; Targets Fair Trials

According to Egyptian Presidency, Mohamed Morsi did meet with and consult most political groups’ chiefs before issuing the Constitutional Declaration on Thursday.

President Morsi Orders Authorities to Provide Full Security to All Families in Egypt’s Sinai

Without dramatizing or trivializing the recent incident of alleged forced displacement of Coptic Christians from an area in Egypt’s Sinai, Presidential spokesman Yasser Ali assures that the President is determined

Yasser Ali: President Morsi European Tour to Attract Investments

Towards the end of next week, Egypt’s first elected President Morsi visits Belgium and Italy, seeks to encourage European businesses to come to Cairo for great investment opportunities.

President Morsi Appoints Ten New Provincial Governors Across Egypt

Countering negative media reports claiming Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood is monopolizing power, the new Egyptian President’s latest phase of appointments is clearly based on merit, rather than political orientation.

President Reiterates Rejection of Encroaching on Judicial Authority

Egypt’s President Morsi assures heads of judicial bodies that he has no intention of interfering with their work, reiterating that he will protect the independence of the judiciary.

Egypt-Qatar Summit in Cairo Saturday Evening

Newly-inaugurated Egyptian President Morsi holds Iftar reception for the Emir of Qatar and his diplomatic delegation this evening in Cairo.