Yasser Mehrez


Arbitrary Arrests and Detention of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Drag Egypt to Repression Era

Police State terror tactics and preordained, vindictive incarceration of Brotherhood leaders are clear signs that the old regime is back where it longed to be.

Muslim Brotherhood: Huge Pro-Morsi Masses Clear Message to All

Unprecedented millions of Egyptians pour out onto iconic liberty squares across Egypt in a dramatic national show of support for the elected President.

Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt’s Coup-Minded Opposition Not Concerned with Consequences

Endeavoring to resolve long decades’ accumulations of social, economic and other problems in Egypt, the elected government also has to contend with single-track-minded opposition that desperately seek power.

Muslim Brotherhood: Ballot Boxes – Not Coup – Way to Change

Those who rob the homeland, torture the people and spread corruption, over long decades, and now seek to oust the elected president, ignore the law and the Constitution, use violence

Muslim Brotherhood Militias a Lie Circulated before Violent Opposition Demonstrations

As is ‘traditional’ now before deliberately violent protests, Egypt opposition launches hostile campaigns claiming the Brotherhood is training special militias for action.

Muslim Brotherhood: Badie Gunshot False ‘Report’ Part of Ongoing Hostile Media Campaign

Anti-Brotherhood hate endeavors continue, with dubious ‘news’ websites reporting falsely that Chairman Badie was shot outside the group’s Guidance Bureau HQ.

Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Organize Judiciary-Related Demonstrations Friday

Despite escalation tactics by affected judges against proposed judiciary law amendments, Egypt’s Brotherhood will not call for repeat marches this Friday.

Brotherhood: Salvation Front’s Shura Siege Call is Blatant Intimidation of Legislative Authority

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood condemns the National Salvation Front’s call for its supporters to lay siege to the country’s upper house of parliament.

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Popular Campaigns to Address Community Crises

Brotherhood spokesman Mehrez urges popular solidarity in action to solve Egypt’s many problems.

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Siege of Egypt Public Prosecutor HQ

Political opposition parties that strongly criticized pro-government siege of the Mubarak-appointed Constitutional Court now lay siege to the Public Prosecutor office building.