Young People


Youth Activists Campaign for ‘Disappeared’ Alexandria Students

Alexandria (Egypt) rights activists continue to use social media to highlight the ordeal of 20 youths subjected to forced disappearance by coup security forces since February 4.

Disappeared Dozens Tortured by Fascist Junta Apparatuses in Sharqeya Province

Evidence emerges that forcibly disappeared citizens are being held and inhumanly tortured to death in Egypt's National Security HQ in Abu Kabir – Sharqeya Governorate (north-east of Cairo).

Rights Organization Report Details Coup Atrocities on January 25 Revolution Fifth Anniversary

NGO ECRF's final report documents junta regime violations against peaceful anti-coup protesters including at least 5 extrajudicial killings, numerous injuries, 193 arrests and detentions (including many girls and women) in

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Prepares Youth for Internal Leadership

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, works extensively to train and qualify youth for leadership positions in the party in near future.

Freedom and Justice Party Seeks to Empower Youth to Participate in Shaping Egypt Future

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP trains and prepares youth to fulfill their role as productive and creative citizens in a modern, advanced Egypt.

Katatni: Assaulting and Terrorizing Girls at FJP HQ is Disgraceful, Cowardly Criminal Act

Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni condemns hypocritical parties and individuals who collaborate with thugs and old regime affiliates to destroy Egypt.

Osama Yassin: Egypt Values Partnership With EU Through Youth Programs

Egypt’s Euro-Mediterranean youth unit gears up to enhance performance and activities, in preparation for greater international involvement, especially European Union cooperation through organized youth programs.

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary General: If the People Chose Us to Rule, We Cannot Let Them

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) was not only a significant factor in Egyptian political life, but has always been a decisive force in international political action in countries where it has