Egypt Youth Against the Coup to Steadfast Political Prisoners: Your Freedom Our Goal

The 'Youth Against the Coup' movement urges all Egyptians to join mass protests on Monday – April 25 to pressure the military junta to release all prisoners of conscience.

Egypt Youth Groups Statement 2 – Revolution in the Square

The second press release from the unified Egyptian youth groups in relation to preparations for forthcoming January 25 mass protests.

Egypt Youth: Revolution in the Square

Stressing revolutionary unity, Egyptian youth groups urge active participation as they escalate non-violent protest rallies across the homeland, despite an ongoing murderous, violent campaign by coup regime forces that has

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Vows Victory Despite Long Suffering

Aggressors, in every time and place, share the same criminal strategy, in which they violate human values ​​and the rights of peoples to freedom and dignity, repeatedly attacking sanctities and

Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Repeated Zionist Attacks on Aqsa Mosque, Worshipers

Blatant attacks by dozens of Zionist-occupation forces and activists against Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian Murabitoun worshipers are most heinous crimes in which Arab rulers are complicit by failing to protect

Interior Ministry Militias Murder Freedom and Justice Young Leader After Arrest

Another heinous extrajudicial killing shocks Egyptians as coup regime security forces shoot dead a young FJP leader three days after arresting him.

Rights Group Condemns Death Sentences Against Clearly Innocent Anti-Coup Mansoura Youths

Rights groups and activists say the latest wave of death sentences against coup opponents kills Egypt's future.

Revolutionary Council Youth: Death Sentences Will Not Intimidate Us

As an Egyptian court upholds execution of 9 young opponents of the coup regime, the Egyptian Revolutionary Council's youth vow victory for the Revolution and retribution for all oppressed Egyptians.

Rights Activists Condemn Continued Forced Disappearance of ‘Students Against The Coup’ Spokesman Ghoneim

As coup authorities continue to hold hostage the spokesman of the main anti-coup student movement, activists launch a campaign demanding his release, or at least information regarding his whereabouts.

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: Basarta Symbol of Bravery

A press release by the Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman Mohamed Montaser slams junta militias for raiding a Damietta village – killing, maiming and injuring dozens of people for simply demanding