Sharqiya MB Preacher Sayed Siddik Arrested

The State Security Police arrested last Friday at dawn the preacher Said Siddik, a secondary school teacher and a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) preacher in the governorate of Sharqiya, north of

Egyptian State Security Arrests MB Sharqiya Member

Egyptian State Security arrested a Muslim Brotherhood cadre in front of a medical commission in the city of Zagazig while he was going to hold a medical examination .

Egypt: Second Arrest Warrant Against 42 Al-Azhar University Students

The Egyptian Interior Ministry issued an arrest warrant again against 42 Al-Azhar University students after Cairo Criminal court acquitted them last Wednesday Jan., 31, 2007, on Al-Azhar case No. 963

7 MB Behira Members Detained Amid Fresh Security Escalation

The state security forces arrested, on Wednesday, seven persons from the Egyptian governprate of Beheira on charge of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group.

3 Sharqiya MBs Released, Gov’t Refueses to Release 16 Others

Fakous Appeals Court released on Thursday three Muslim Brotherhood leaders from Sharqiya after the security forces arrested them on Jan. 2, 2007 and the prosecution ordered jailing them for 15

Court Releases Dr. Amir Bassam, MB Sharqiya Leader

 The Misdemeanors Appeals Court of Zagazig issued, on Tuesday, a ruling of releasing Dr. Amir Bassam, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Sharqiya and a professor in the Faculty of Medicine

Justice Cancels Prosecution Prison Sentences against 15 MB

Justice Cancels Prosecution Prison Sentences against 15 MB Leaders in Sharqiya A Misdemeanours Appeals court in Zagazig issued, on Monday Jan. 8, 2007, a ruling of releasing 13 Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Jail of 30 MB Leaders renewed more 15 days

After the attorney general issued his oral decision and informed the lawyers of releasing all Gharbiya and Sharqiya’s Muslim Brotherhood detainees earlier yesterday, and with fierce pressures from the state

Gharbiya, 9 Sharqiya MB Detainees Released

The public prosecution released, on Wednesday afternoon, all Muslim Brotherhood members detained in Tanta, the city capital of Gharbiya.

Two Hundred Members of The MB Detained, Ten Injured

State Security Court in Zagazig Monday 12-6- 2006 released prominent MP figure Dr. Hassan el Hayawan who faced charges of belonging to an "illegal" organization i.e the Muslim Brotherhood .The