The Brotherhood Has Earned Its Place at the Political Table

With Mubarak now out of the Egyptian political arena, and as the Armed Forces battle to establish a new democratic structure, there is much speculation about whether the Muslim Brotherhood

Israel’s right-wing future

Lawrence Davidson analyses the growth of fascism in Israel, arguing that this process “did not begin ... with 1967 and the taking of the occupied territories. It did not even

Azhar imam to German activists: You must support the Palestinians

The Grand Imam of Azhar University Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb called on a German delegation to Egypt on Monday to show support for the Palestinians.

Of course, Israel is Egypt’s enemy

Some Israeli officials have voiced surprise at revelations published by Wikileaks showing that the Egyptian military continues to view the apartheid Israeli regime as the primary strategic threat facing Egypt.

Iran eyes change in Egypt and Saudi Arabia very differently

If a foreign observer had been present in Tehran during the recent parliamentary elections in Egypt, he or she would have been surprised by the lack of enthusiasm displayed by

Jews, Judaism and Jewishness

Gilad Atzmon explains why it is essential for the pro-Palestinian movement “freely to explore the true nature of the ideology that drives the Jewish state and Jewish politics”, and to

The folly of the Israeli and Arab approach to Iran

Alan Hart considers the possibility that the whistleblower website Wikileaks is being manipulated by an intelligence service to achieve specific objectives, namely to maximize perceptions that Iran is a serious

Wikileaks and the new global order: America’s wake-up call

Jonathan Cook argues that the disclosure by Wikileaks of secret US diplomatic cables highlight “Washington’s own sense of the limits on its global role” but that “the world’s finite resources

Zionism must go

Day after day, Israel is proving to all and sundry that it is more of a malignant tumor whose ultimate goal is to kill, replace, destroy and liquidate than of

Jewistan: Finally Recognizing Israel as the Jewish State

Israel’s Likudnik Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached into his bag of Zionist tricks and pulled out a brand-new demand that had never surfaced before in the history of the Middle