Zionist Settler


Jewish settlers cut down productive trees, burn sheep in Nablus villages

A gang of Jewish settlers were spotted late Friday night flocking into the village of Tel, south of the West Bank city of Nablus and cutting down fruit trees and

Israel erases Palestinian village of Abul Ajaj from map

Israeli bulldozers under heavy military protection demolished Wednesday morning the village of Abul Ajaj in the northern Jordan valley region as a prelude to expanding the settlement of Metsuwah that

Jewish settlers burn olive trees in Nablus

Jewish settlers burnt dozens of Palestinian olive trees east of Salem village, Nablus district, on Sunday, local sources reported.

Zionist entity to revive laws allowing it to arrogate Palestinian properties

Israeli legal circles and parties opposing the occupation and construction of settlements on Palestinian lands revealed Thursday that the Israeli occupation government was reviving an old law allowing it to

Occupation authorities sell Palestinian property in Silwan to Jewish societies

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper revealed on Friday that the Israeli land authority is selling property in the Silwan suburb in occupied Jerusalem to Jewish settler societies.

Resheq slams settlers’ arson attack on J’lem church

Member of Hamas's political bureau Ezzat Al-Resheq strongly denounced the Israeli settlers' arson attack on one of the churches on Al-Anbiya street in occupied Jerusalem and appealed to the international

Ibrahimi mosque closed for Muslim worshipers as settlers celebrate

Scores of Jewish settlers converged on al-Khalil on Friday afternoon to celebrate "Chaye Sarah" closing the mosque in the face of Muslim worshipers for the length of the festivity.

Zionist settler runs over Palestinian child

A Zionist settler ran over a Palestinian child in Al-Khalil city on Sunday evening then sped away in his motorbike causing serious injuries to the 12-year-old child.

IOF troops interrogate worshipers as settlers burn fields

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) encircled the grand mosque in Raiheya village, Al-Khalil district, and interrogated worshipers inside it on Sunday evening, local sources told the PIC on Monday.

Zionist settler beats 90-year-old Palestinian woman, her grandson

Zionist settler Yitzhak Hircovich assaulted 90-year-old Palestinian woman Sheeha Ali in the tent she has pitched after he took her own house in Beit Safafa village south of occupied Jerusalem