Zionist Settlers


US investors are funding Arab property takeovers in Jerusalem

Rights groups in Jerusalem are warning that Israel has discovered new ways to circumvent US and international pressure to hamper Jewish settlement activity in the holy city by utilizing the

New History or a New Mirage

Echoing Edward Said, the legendary Palestinian scholar, Antoine Raffoul addresses the ambiguities of Israel’s "new historians" who, with the clear exception of Ilan Pappe, condemn the occupation but fail to

UN, EU concerned over Israeli settlement activity as more settlers pour in OJ

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has expressed concern over the Israeli occupation authority's (IOA) announcement that 1,300 new housing units would be built in occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli Nazism, not anti-Semitism, is the real issue

Israel's fanatical supporters insist on behaving and acting like mad dogs by disregarding any consideration for honesty, rectitude and moral consistency.

Zionist settlers burn olive fields, run over a youth

Zionist settlers ran over a Palestinian youth and burnt Palestinian olive fields in Bethlehem villages on Tuesday, local sources reported.

Zionist settlers drench Palestinian grapevines with sewage water

Zionist settlers flooded grapevines in the Palestinian village of Beit Ummar, Al-Khalil city, on Sunday with sewage water damaging the crops over tens of dunums.

Settlers confiscate tens of Palestinian cultivated dunums south of Nablus

Zionist settlers south of Nablus city started on Tuesday to bulldoze Palestinian cultivated lands in preparation for annexing them to their settlement of Eli, reliable sources reported.

Zionist settlers provoke new clashes in OJ

Violent confrontations took place on Sunday between Jerusalemites and Zionist settlers backed by Israeli occupation police in the vicinity of the Qirsh family home in the Old City of occupied

Zionist settlers attack Palestinian farmers, hurt old man

A Palestinian old man was injured when Zionist settlers attacked Palestinian farmers while harvesting olives south of Nablus city on Sunday, eyewitnesses reported.

Zionist settlers attack farmers during olive harvesting

RAMALLAH, -- Zionist settlers attacked Palestinian farmers in Burin village, south of Nablus, on Saturday morning while harvesting olives, local sources reported.