Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns the Execution of 15 Citizens After Mock Military Trials

 The National Anti-Coup Alliance holds the military coup authority, headed by the bloodthirsty, Abdel Fattah El Sisi, fully responsible for the loss of innocent Egyptian lives, and the killing of

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Continues Peaceful Protest with “October Army” Banner Week

Today, Egypt marks the anniversary of the October 6 (1973) war victory when Egyptians and their army proved their ability to achieve the impossible: despite incredible Israeli fortifications, they crossed

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No to Treason, No to Egypt Islands Handover

 It is a day of shame and betrayal as the regime of shame and its parliament of blood take the first step of abandoning a dear piece of Egyptian sovereign

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Victims of Egypt Air Plane Crash

Egypt is deeply shocked at Egypt Air plane crash Thursday and the loss of life of all passengers and crew. This is the third incident of its kind in less

Muslim Brotherhood Marks Palestine Nakba Day with Renewed Liberation Vows

On this day, sixty-eight years ago (May 15, 1948), the United Nations issued its fateful resolution No. 181 for the partition of Palestine, granting what it never owned to Zionist

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Egyptian People, Muslim World on Eid Al-Adha

The Muslim Brotherhood offers warm congratulations and sincere prayers to the Arab and Muslim nations on this (Arafa) holy day and Eid al-Adha (special Muslim feast), hoping that next year

Muslim Brotherhood Hails Resistance Triumph; Urges Gaza Solidarity, Support

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood salutes Gaza resistance which successfully repelled the Zionist aggression that killed hundreds of women and children in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

MB Chairman: Palestine and the New Era

Addressing the Palestinian cause Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie called for the country’s next parliament to review the Camp David peace accord with Israel.

MB: Bin Laden is not Islam and resistance against oppression is legitimate

According to a statement issued by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood while Islam denounces violence and terrorism it believes it was not necessary to resort to assassination stressing a fair trial of

Dr. Morsy: Four Messages from the Million Man Demo for Trial and Cleansing

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman and member of the MB Executive Bureau, stressed that the participation of the Egyptian people in the demonstrations shows that the Egyptian people are alert