Taking a Pause with careful understanding

Firstly: The Muslim Brotherhood:
1- It is a group of Muslims, not The Muslim Group, so it does not claim to have a monopoly on the attribute of Islam for itself, nor does it claim to have a monopoly on the truth , nor does it claim to have a monopoly on any work done for Islam.
2- It is based on a comprehensive understanding of Islam and on a comprehensive and integrated implementation thereof.
3- It does not adopt a school of jurisprudence of its own, and takes care to maintain a moderate understanding.
4- Its members are bound by the rules and regulations of its work and respect for its leadership, and whoever wants to leave it may do so.
5- The group does not isolate itself from society, and cooperates with everyone in what is in the interest of Islam and the homelands.
6- The Group is committed to the constants of Islam, and to its constants that are specific to it.
7- The group is keen on the cohesion and continuity of its entity, it is not confined to a narrow mindset, nor does it give up on any of its principles.
8- The group is exposed to adversities, and they may be prolonged, but it still clings to its call, rallying around its leadership, following its path, and those who call to Allah are always ready to die for the sake of their principles.
9- The axis of work and the stages of growth, by means of the development of individuals through education, and the implementation of continuous work, are the very things that define this call. Its starting point and character is Islamic, and its reference is always Islam.
10- The Brotherhood has major goals that it works to achieve: The Muslim individual – The Muslim home – The Muslim community – The independence of the homeland – Reforming the government so that it is truly Islamic – Restoring the international entity of the Islamic nation and restoring The Caliphate – Mentoring the world and spreading the call of Islam in it.
The group adopts an integrated Islamic project for the renaissance of the Islamic nation, in which these major goals are achieved, and calls on everyone to work on it and participate in it.
11- The Brotherhood derives their legitimacy and their right to work and call people, from the legitimacy of working for Islam, and this right, no law or ruler can prevent them from, nor rob them of.

12- Motivation and Message:
The motive for the establishment of the group is the discharge of one’s duty, a fulfilment of ones responsibility before Allah, and a reparation for the fracture that has occurred in our history as well as the present condition of the Islamic nation. Therefore all our actions are based on devotion to Allah. The group is not an end or a means, but rather a duty and an obligation, and whatever obligation cannot be accomplished without something, then that something is also an obligation. The group will continue until all the goals for which it was established are achieved and the message that it carries is delivered.
13- It is not one of the Brotherhood’s means to shed blood, target lives, expropriate peoples honour or their wealth, nor to sabotage facilities. It must be patient with the tribulations and harm it is subjected to, whether from unjust rulers or others. This is the path of the callers from amongst our predecessors, and our approach to change is the approach of peaceful reformation, and it was announced by the General Guide, Dr. Muhammad Badie, “Our peace is stronger than bullets.”
14- The group’s possession of power in the comprehensive sense is : ‘the strength of belief and unity before the strength of the forearm’, which is a matter that is subject to the legislative policy within the group as well as its regulations in terms of capability, estimating the outcome of matters, the state of necessity, as well as other standards that Imam al-Banna referred to.

This may be prohibited at one stage, and permissible at another, or even obligatory, as in the case of an assault on the homeland, taking into account the Shari’a and group-specific controls, but the use of weapons in the approach of change is not one of the group’s means, as well as bloodshed, for this is a departure from our constants.
15- The group’s documents clarify the features and details of the Brotherhood’s call, and the controls it adheres to. It also clarifies the documents issued regarding the role of women in society and their participation in all fields, the issue of multiplicity of parties, the peaceful transfer of power, the democratic system, the group’s position and its acceptance of the establishment of a modern civil state with an Islamic reference. As indicated by the country’s constitution.