Tamimi: IOA plans to seal off Bab Al-Amod in Jerusalem

Tamimi: IOA plans to seal off Bab Al-Amod in Jerusalem

Palestinian Chief  Justice Tayseer Al-Tamimi has accused the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) of planning to seal off Bab Al-Amod, one of the biggest gates leading to the Aqsa Mosque, for two years in preparation to judaize the city.

In a press release on Saturday, Tamimi described the Israeli scheme as a new step in the series of the Judaization process in the city.

He added that the IOA allocated 200 million dollars to carry out a number of projects in the city that would distort the Arab and Muslim identity of Jerusalem.

“The Israelis are expediting the judaization process through a number of measures including forcing Palestinian Jerusalemites out of the city and demolishing their homes in addition to transferring tens of thousands of Jews into it”, Tamimi warned.

In Gaza city, Palestinian Awkaf minister Talib Abu Sha’ar condemned the Israeli step, describing it as a step along the Israeli path of Judaizing the city.

Since the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, the successive Israeli governments worked hard to turn the city into a pure Jewish city using a number of means, including imposing high taxes on the Palestinians in a bid to force them leave the city voluntarily; however, Palestinian Jerusalemites affirmed they would remain on their land at all cost.