Tamimi affirms: Assaults on churches violate Islamic teachings

Sheikh Tayseer Al-Tamimi, the chief Islamic judge in Palestine, on Monday rejected assaults on churches of various sects in Palestine and the Islamic world as contrary to Islamic teachings.

Tamimi charged, in a statement, that such attacks served “enemies of Islam”, and stressed that Muslims and Christians live in absolute respect to each other’s creed in all Muslim countries.

He warned of inter-religious clashes as a result of the statement by Pope Benedict XVI a few days ago that constituted an insult to Islam and prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

The Sheikh also asked the Pope to clearly and unequivocally apologize for his “provocative” statement and to desist from further insulting Muslims.

He finally seconded the call by the international union for Muslim scholars marking next Friday as a day of rage in which peaceful demos would hit the streets to protest the Pope’s statement without messing with Christians, churches or Christian property.