Tarek Heggy Mourns Death of Dr. Al-Hayawan

Tarek Heggy– a secularist thinker- offers his deep condolences to Dr. Al Hayawan’s family … and also to Egypt.

I have many disagreements with the MBs – YET, I totally oppose arresting any of the MB’s illegally, let aside my entire opposition to the black track records of torturing tens of thousands of MBs throughout the past 52 years. The recent arrest of Dr. Al Hayawan was a demonstration of a history of uncivilized treatment to fellow Egyptians that did nothing but believed in ideas that I personally reject – but I reject (more) any attempt to ban their right to believe in whatever they think to be the remedy to our society’s ills. My sincerest condolonces to Dr. Al Hayawan’s family and to Egypt that lost one of its brilliant sons .

Tarek Heggy
Cairo, Egypt

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