Teachers Criticize Gov’t Education Policies, Vow to Struggle For Reform

Teachers Criticize Gov’t Education Policies, Vow to Struggle For Reform

Hassan al-Eissawi, Secretary-General of Teachers Without Syndicate movement, stated in an interview with ikhwanweb that this academic year is considered the worst, criticizing the performance of the Education Ministry for its lack of planning and readiness for the school year.

“The beginning of the academic year just a week before Eid al-Fitr holiday and during the holy month of Ramadan was a burden for most Egyptian families and teachers as well”

He added that making French language mandatory for elementary school kids for the first time was done without enough planning and preparation of teachers, and textbooks are not available till now

He also blamed the Teachers” Union for its inaction and accused the union leaders of only showing concerns for their own personal interests ignoring the real problems that teachers and students are facing. He demanded that elections be held to choose real representatives who can protect teachers, negotiate better contracts, and reform the educational system, especially that no union elections were held for over eight years.

Eissawy confirmed that Teachers Without Syndicate will participate in the planned protests by teachers across the country against the rejection by the Ministry of Education and the Syndicate to discuss teachers” proposals.

He added that the movement will hold a conference over the next few days to discuss the of government”s policies which will negatively affected the academic year and the future of millions of students for many years to come