Ten Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested in Mansoura, Egypt

Ten Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested in Mansoura, Egypt

Egyptian state security officers rounded up on Saturday ten Muslim Brotherhood leaders from the Nile delta city of Al Mansoura while they were holding their regular weekly organizational meeting, Ikhwanweb reporter said.

Most of the detainees are members of MB administrative office in Al Dakahlia governorate.

MB Media Advisor Assem Shalabi strongly denounced the security midnight raid on MB officials, and said it aims at imposing further pressures on the MB, but that the crackdown will not affect the organizational body of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The government seems to be persistent in its attempts to sideline our organization, rounding up our members on a regular basis, and targeting our leaderships. But government officials should know that arbitrary arrests and detentions will not undermine our movement, and will not alter our firm belief in peaceful democratic transformation,” he told Ikhwanweb.

Detainees are Said Talaat (director of electronics company), Mohamed Talaat (ministry of education), Said Showeihy (National Egyptian Bank), Fouad Gomaa, Ahmed Aboloyoun, Ehab Tawfik, Bakr Fares, Mohamed Khafaga, Mohamed Fadl Yousef, and Saad Faraat.