Ten student protestors from Muslim Brotherhood released, 40 detained

Egypt’s State Security Prosecutor on Monday ordered the release of 10 student activists belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood, who were arrested earlier this month while staging protests in solidarity with Egyptian judges’ demands for judicial independence.

The ministry of interior announced that it was releasing these 10 students either for health reasons, or to allow them to attend their final exams.

The prosecutor also ordered 15 day detention extensions against 40 members of the Islamist movement, including those of Brotherhood leaders Essam el Erian and Mohammad Morsi, who were either arrested for participating, or for planning similar protests.

The ministry of interior announced that 240 members of the Moslem Brotherhood were arrested during demonstrations in Cairo on May 18.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Secretary General, Mahmoud Ezzat, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur, dpa that over 650 of its members were still in detention, most of whom were arrested during protests.

The Brotherhood is planning a demonstration in downtown Cairo on June 1 to demand the prisoners’ release.

The Moslem Brotherhood is banned by law, but in practice they are the largest opposition bloc in parliament with 88 seats. The rest of the opposition has 9 parliamentary seats out of a total of 454.

Around another 50 leftist, liberal, and Nasserist activists have also been arrested whilst staging demonstrations in solidarity with the demands of Egypt’s judiciary during the months of April and May.