Tensions rise in Ramon prison after guard insults Allah

Tensions rise in Ramon prison after guard insults Allah

GAZA, The supreme prisoners rights committee in Gaza said a tense atmosphere has prevailed over the Israeli Ramon prison for the past five days after a prison guard insulted Allah during a recent excursion in the prison’s 5.3 section.

The prison administration has been on full alert for four days after detainees notified that if the offender was seen inside the sector his life would be in danger and he would be assaulted without hesitation, the committee’s media official Riyadh Al-Ashkar reported Sunday.

Prisoners asserted that they would not overlook the incident to ensure that similar practices did not recur or allow the prison administration to insult them, their dignity, or religion.

An element from a special prison unit made insulting remarks toward Allah during a brutal surprise raid last Tuesday on the prison, Ashkar reported.

In a separate development, detainees in the Israeli Negev prison, in a letter that leaked to the outside world, reported a recent outbreak of the scabies skin disease inside the prison.

The disease is a rash that appears on sensitive parts of the body and spreads to the limbs and interior with severe itching.

Prisoners assigned blame to the prison administration for medical neglect and poor sanitation conditions inside the facilities.