Terrible week for the Democrats and consequentially the world

Terrible week for the Democrats and consequentially the world

This week the committee let Mukasey pass even though he doesn’t have the decency to admit that waterboarding is torture, and they got the impeachment of Cheney to the House Judiciary committee where its leader, John Conyers, looks like he’ll sit on it at the demand of Democrat Speaker of the House Pelosi.
When al queda videotapes US soldiers getting waterboarded, and says something like “The US does it. Why wouldn’t we”? what can we say? W has lost us our moral high ground. The Democrats letting Mukasey pass makes them at least partially complicit in W’s war crimes against detainees.

You hear Democrats saying that Cheney will lead us to a war against Iran. Well if he’s fighting off impeachment charges he won’t have time for opening another theatre of urban guerrilla warfare in GWOT. He still has to come up with an Iranian counterpart to Chalabi and his INC which fed lies about Hussein’s “imminent threat” WMDs directly to our compliant to big bro 43’s 4th estate and he has to cast an Iranian to reprise “Curveball”. Cheney’s chief attorney, and all around vile GOP operative, Libby, will have to work off the books to aid Cheney and these GOP thugs always want the scratch before they really work hard.

And look at how the Democrats timidity has cost them. If we had sensible loyal opposition party efforts from the Democrats we wouldn’t be arguing about the blank check Congress gave big bro 43 to attack Iran, and Pakistan would be more stable. No one other than “bubble boy” would think a thug such as Musharraf, who came to power as a result of a military coup, would be an ally to depend upon. W only has to look at his own twisted psyche to understand Musharraf. W has destroyed our Judicial Branch of the government as has Musharraf. W struts around quashing dissent by proclaiming that the AUMF gives him unitary executive powers in the defense of the US and gets on Musharraf to abandon his spot as leader of the Pakistani military-which is transparently idiotic. You can’t throw cinder blocks in a glass house W! Last but not least, at any given day W can tell Homeland Security Chertoff to raise the terrorist threat level to the highest danger, and he could declare a state of emergency and immediately warn us to enclose our houses, cars, and any other entity possible with duct tape. Knowing the unmitigated audacity of W and his blind adherence to the notion that good propaganda trumps any reality, I could see him dredge up the summer of 2001 PDB titled “Bin laden determined to attack within the US” and declassify it completely and say that “The Departments of the Homeland Security and the Military are convinced that it has taken bin laden over 6 years to prepare but now he’s ready to attack us on our very own street corners, with unknowable, invisible weapons–consequentially, at their behest, I have to declare a state of emergency. Everyone go out shopping but be aware that in any second bin laden can kill you and torture you and everyone you have ever met. I always have to adhere to what the experts on the ground demand of me so I reluctantly have to get our reservists, who should be recuperating and training for their next tour in Iraq, to begin patrolling every street corner in the US. Obviously because of this threat only the Department of Defense will be allowed to report on the threat and we will have eavesdrop on every single man jack of you in order to find out what bin laden is up to. Don’t look at this as an infringement on your civil rights, but an enhancement to your security!”

When Musharraf falls Pakistan will become an Islamic jihadists’ paradise.

Suppose Musharraf allows there to be an election-which in his twisted mind means he’s not all-powerful–a terrible realization for a brutish tyrant, and will result in his defeat. What will be the likely outcome?

The article “Parties of God: The Bush doctrine and the rise of Islamic democracy” at
states “Today, there are dozens of active Islamic political parties, both Shiite and Sunni, with diverse political and ideological agendas. Their leaders are certainly not liberal democrats, and some, like Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon, maintain armed wings.
But it is not entirely accurate to describe them, as is frequently done in the United States, as fundamentalist or backward or even necessarily conservative.
The new Islamic movements are popularly based and endorse free elections, the
rotation of power, freedom of speech, and other concepts that are scorned by the
regimes that currently hold power. Islamist groups have peacefully accepted
electoral defeat, even when it was obvious that their governments had engaged in
gross fraud to assure their hold on power. In parliaments, Islamists have not
focused on implementing theocracy or imposing shari’ah but have instead fought
for political and social reforms, including government accountability.
And increasingly the Islamists have numbers on their side.
Were democracy suddenly to blossom in the Middle East today, Islamist parties would control significant blocs, if not majorities, in almost every country. Hamas swept to victory in the Palestinian elections of 2006, in a vote among the freest ever seen in the Middle East. 11. In response to the vote, which was held with U.S. support, President Bush cut off aid to the new government and announced that the United States would not speak to its leaders. The Shiite group Hezbollah, which, like Hamas, is designated by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization, picked up parliamentary seats in Lebanon’s 2005 national balloting and entered the cabinet for the first time. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-despite being officially banned, and despite massive fraud and violence against supporters-won eighty-eight seats in parliament two years ago, making it by far the largest opposition bloc. The Islamic Action Front, Jordan’s major Islamic party and a wing of the local Muslim Brotherhood, is generally considered to be the country’s best-organized political movement and won 15 percent of the parliamentary seats in the most recent election.”

Pakistan would follow the trend of “Islamist parties would control significant blocs, if not majorities, in almost every country.” Trouble is not any other country has been protecting bin laden, exporting nuclear WMD, or possesses such overwhelmingly contempt of the US as Pakistan does. Propping up a thug who used a military coup to assume power and hoping that he will someday actually cooperate in W’s holy GWOT scam, was idiotic, insane and therefore completely characteristic of W!

W will let other failures of the day push this catastrophe to our common masses into their apathetic, under-utilized brains. It will. They all do as it is only another reality to mangle for Rove’s pupil big bro 43.

When you see the headlines such as “Deaths hit sorry record in Iraq” and “Most deadly year for US in Iraq” you knew that there would be another pile of misinformation and there was as the article “Official: 46,000 Iraqis back in October” illustrates that the 4th estate still will dredge up any assortment of lies to prop up W.

The article “Deaths hit sorry record in Iraq” at
states “Six American troops were killed in bomb attacks in Iraq early this week, the US military said yesterday, making 2007 the deadliest year for the American forces since the invasion.
According to a tally based on Pentagon figures, 851 US soldiers have died so far this year in Iraq, against 846 in 2004, the previous most lethal year for the American military since the US-led invasion of March 2003.

The article “Most deadly year for US in Iraq” at
explains that W’s military coldly planned on sending more of our youth to a hellhole of urban guerrilla warfare and PTSD and death as “Military officials attribute the high number of deaths to an initial increase in combat operations, and higher visibility of US troops on the streets earlier this year as part of President George W Bush’s “surge” strategy.
The strategy, which saw an extra 30,000 US troops sent to Iraq, included sending troops out of large bases and into more dangerous communities.”

What kind of ghoul would have his experts predict that “staying the course” and only adding more IED fodder would cause our boys and girls die at record breaking rates, but still go ahead with it? Big bro 43 has not only gone ahead with a failed war strategy, but he has accused those who disagree with him as being pre-9/11 thinkers.

You knew that there would be another pile of misinformation and there was as the article “Official: 46,000 Iraqis back in October” at
illustrates that the 4th estate still will dredge up any assortment of lies to prop up W. it states “The number of Iraqis returning to their country after fleeing abroad is growing, with more than 46,000 people coming home last month, an Iraqi government spokesman said Wednesday.”

There are no places left for them as “The latest figure comes as Iraq’s neighbors, particularly Syria and Jordan, have tightened their borders to Iraqis fleeing the turmoil in their own country.
Syria is home to at least 1.2 million Iraqi refugees, and Jordan has about
Many of those Iraqis are living in limbo, unable to work and running out of whatever money they were able to bring out of Iraq.
Both countries are struggling to provide services to incoming Iraqis and began requiring visas for them starting this past summer. Most applications are denied.
Those who fled to Syria or Jordan before the new rules took effect must leave when their three-month permits expire unless they have been officially recognized by the United Nations as refugees – a process that can take months.
That leaves many people with the choice of returning to Iraq or risking deportation anyway. And with the improving security situation, it appears many Iraqis are opting to return home.

Brig. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, the Iraqi spokesman for a U.S.-Iraqi military push to pacify Baghdad received figures from the reliable Red Crescent and ” questioned those figures in a news conference on Wednesday, publicly asking the Red Crescent to “give reasons behind this high number.””The increase announced by the Red Crescent is not logical, because now we are living a stable security situation and many families have returned to their original places,” al-Moussawi said.
He suggested some families had registered for Red Crescent aid because they were in financial straits, but that they had not been displaced.”

The article “Grim possibilities for Pakistan.” at
notes the problems Westerners have predicting that predictions by non-region experts are just an idiotic waste of times as “What is to become of Pakistan? In the wake of President Musharraf’s declaration of a state of emergency, any number of grim scenarios are imaginable. Before spinning some of them out, consider this true and timely confession from Stephen P. Cohen, one of America’s top Pakistan experts: “I don’t know what’s going to happen….I don’t think any Pakistan expert knows what will happen even tomorrow.”
Then he proceeds to make a number of informed guesstimates before concluding “No one really knows what’s about to happen in Pakistan. The possibilities are many, and laying out scenarios is more likely to help us make sense of what eventually does happen than to precisely predict it. Yet I fear we may soon be looking at something more than a replay of Pakistani politics past. The real jihad may be just about to begin.”

The likeliest of his guesses is an “Islamist Coup — Even if Musharraf’s
declaration of an emergency headed off a potentially deadly split within the
military over the power-sharing agreement with Bhutto, the danger remains grave.
Why wouldn’t the jihadists take advantage of Musharraf’s weakness? After all, the civil war has already
begun, not only in the Taliban’s ever-expanding zone of control in the
northwest, but in an aggressive nation-wide campaign of terror attacks. With
Musharraf’s legitimacy now in doubt, and with the army busy suppressing
opposition rallies, this would be the logical moment for Osama and his allies to
mount a vastly more aggressive series of terror attacks aimed at toppling the
state. It’s hard to believe that the Islamist war on Pakistan’s army isn’t about
to explode into a brand new phase. Yet if this doesn’t happen, that in itself
would give a revealing glimpse into the limits of jihadist power.”

Why? Who is Musharraf carting off to jail? It is the non-extremist, middle and
upper middle class. That is the very group Musharraf needs to repel an Islamist
Coup is the only group he’s quashing. Sounds like W’s brand of thinking. Any day
now Musharraf will be declaring “Mission Accomplished”! Maybe he’ll have a
banner and a air force pilot’s spiffy costume.

The article “The price for backing dictators’ may be to box America in” at
states “Partnerships with strong men, some say just as necessary now as then,”
Todd concluded. “But some analysts say so-called realpolitik, while it serves
America’s immediate interests, also boxes it in. “Steve Clemens of the New
America Foundation told CNN, “It’s terribly hypocritical to go into this world
and talk democracy as boldly and robustly as this administration did and then
cozy up to a dictator now like Musharraf. President Bush can no longer go out
and give a pro-democracy speech.”

W’s actions, which whenever he wants to circumvent our constitution and the role of the executive branch, are ruining our standing in the world! Get him, and the eminently impeachable v.p.–president of vice, to stop acting against our nation’s interests. An easy way to bog these ghouls down would be to impeach them! To restore our nation’s standing impeach them now, impeach them tomorrow, impeach them as frequently as possible! ! !

All of these messes the Democrats will have to clean up in 2008. They could reduce their inevitable upcoming workload if they would be more forceful now!