The appeals court has its work cut out for them with hearings, appeals and challenges for and against

The appeals court has its work cut out for them with hearings, appeals and challenges for and against

  After the 60-day annual vacation, The State council of the Arab Republic of Egypt will resume work on its agenda, looking into urgent cases which have been on hold due to holidays.  The Judicial circuits will commence by looking into 13 cases beginning with an appeal submitted by the Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors’ Union Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh requesting the revoking of  the  decision issued to prevent the delivering of relief and humanitarian aid sent by the Union of Arab Doctors to the Palestinians in Gaza through the Rafah Crossing.

Dr. Mohamed Badia, Professor at Faculty of Veternarian Medicine at Cairo University and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, submitted an appeal against the decision of the Ministry of Interior and the Director of Immigration, Passport and Naturalization on the administration’s decision to lift a longstanding ban on family travel.

The Court will decide on an appeal submitted by chairman of the Medical Association Dr. Hamdi Al-Sayed against the Minister of Interior to condemn the decision of the banning of Treasurer and board member of the Medical Association Dr. Essam el-Erian, member of the Medical Association Dr. Ahmad Omar coordinator for the Doctors Syndicate sub-committees and Dr. Abdul Fattah Rizk to attend the Arab-International Forum which was held in the Syrian capital of Damascus in November 2008. He also demands compensation for damage.

The court will also decide on lawyer Ahmed Seif’s lawsuit filed challenging the decision allowing police colonel Islam Nabih and non-commissioned officer Reda Fathi to resume work at the ministry despite crimes committed.

The same court will also examine an appeal submitted by  lawyer Samir Sabri to stop broadcasting Hizbullah’s Al-Manar satellite TV channel after it abused Egypt’s leaders, status and its reputation.

Further sessions will be held to hear an appeal submitted by the movement “Citizens against price hikes” compelling the government to set tariff rates on specific goods and products.

Hearing will also take place for Lawyer Mohamed Salah El-Din’s appeal submitted against the Minister of the Justice’s decision on increasing the legal fees and expenses.

The court will look into a suit filed by Dr. Hamid Seddik against President Mubarak on the legitimacy of the ruling National Democratic Party, Mahmoud Abaza’s appeal against the Minister of Interior claiming his eligibility to preside the Wafd Party.

Another appeal submitted by Mortada Mansour against “Al-Hyaa” TV channel demands the stopping of its broadcast will be looked into.

The Supreme Administrative Court shall decide on the appeal filed by the Central Auditing Organization against the ruling in favor of private newspapers judging not to subject these newspapers to the control of the CAA.

The same court will consider the abolition of the Administrative Court’s ruling appeals on the expulsion of university guards within the Cairo University and will also look into an appeal filed by the Interior Ministry demanding the revoking of the ruling requesting the Cabinet to strip the Egyptian nationality from men married to Israeli women.