The Army Has Accommodated the Wrath on the Streets

The Army Has Accommodated the Wrath on the Streets


Findings of the first public opinion poll run by the American Democratic Republican Institute (DRI) in Egypt, revealed that the vast majority of Egyptians were optimistic after the success of the January 25 Revolution and the fall of the deposed president Hosni Mubarak. This is so, despite the fact that 81% of the population is concerned about the economic situation, pointing out that 41% cannot afford their basic needs. 

The survey recently conducted by the Institute – in cooperation with the International Operations Company for Survey Research in Egypt – of which Rose El Youssef obtained a copy, pointed out that there are three major problems currently facing the Egyptian people: the unemployment rate of 37%, the 21% security deficit and corruption at 11%. 

Remarkably, the poll, in which 1200 individuals took part, created a surprise when it revealed that 75% of Egyptians believe it is necessary to conduct parliamentary elections in September, and 25% feel that the time is not sufficient for the emergence of new political parties. 

The poll indicated that 95% of Egyptians are excited to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections, 68% supported the need to establish new political parties, while 14% preferred the existing political parties.

The survey showed that 64% of Egyptians said that the causes of the revolution are the low standards of living and widespread unemployment, while 19% said that lack of democracy and political reform are the reasons.
The survey showed that 19% of Egyptians feel that the current economic situation is positive, while 81% believe it is bad, indicating that 80% expect that in general there will eventually be an improvement in their financial situation. 

The survey also tackled the role of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) in absorbing the anger of the people and subsidizing consumer goods, such as fuel and food, as well as the Council’s role in enhancing speedy trials for a number of senior officials from the corrupt Mubarak regime.


Rose El Youssef

No. 1820 – Tuesday, June 7, 2011