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  • November 2, 2005
  • 2 minutes read

the Ballot Boxes Should be under Supervision till Counting

the Ballot Boxes Should be under Supervision till Counting

Dr. Abdel Monam Abu el-Fotoh, a member of the Supreme Council of the Moslem Brotherhood and the Secretary General of Arab Physicians’ Union, urged Egyptians to monitor the polling boxes of the upcoming parliamentary election, scheduled for Nov.9th, in fear of any government frauds. "The role of voters is not limited to cast vote only", he added, in his speech during a massive election gather to support the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidate of Ashmon, Asherf Bader el-Dean.

He stressed that the members of the Moslem Brotherhood should not be sufficed with persuading 50 or 100 persons to vote for the MB candidates. The members ought to look forward to gain the support of 500 persons, at least, in order to be able to achieve the long-desired change; to replace the ineffective parliament representatives by those who are competent to attain the progress and welfare of Egypt.  

This gather was attended by more than five thousands persons. At the end, a great confidence in the success of the MB nominee prevailed.

Among the participants was Hamdy el-Nagar, the head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Right in Monoviya governorate. He asked Egyptians to participate in the next election and to choose the             well-qualified candidates