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  • September 28, 2006
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The Brotherhood and Art

Many fakes and rumors appeared from some classes and for several reasons expressing their concerns because Muslim brotherhood won many parliamentary seats in elections, the strangest thing that these categories did not express any fears or objections against forgery in elections, assaults on voters because they were choosing certain people.

This means that these classes express their biased concerns, and want to circulate allegations against Muslim Brotherhood. There were many evidences for their biased stance; we found it in all means of mass-media especially the official ones.
Generally, it is the right of society to hear all things about Muslim Brotherhood like their trends, views and opinions especially when there is a siege posed by national press and the official TV who prevents clarifying the real views and trends of brethrens as they lack neutrality and transparency.

Art is a refined message if one used it skillfully. Through the medium of arts one can express his/her aspirations, goals, policies, customs and traditions besides one can increase his abilities, increase powers; consequently art will be a means for progress and revival.

However, if art is used for stirring erotism and sexual desires then it would be a means for destruction.

We can strike an example, art and artists can be compared to economy and economists; is the mission of economists to steal banks, public funds and private one? Or is it to devise plans and preparations for flourishing the domestic economy and keep the value of the domestic currency??

Is the mission of banks to provide necessities for establishing factories, houses and urbanizing the land or is their mission to provide money for drugs trafficking or those who steal money?
Accordingly, can an honest and noble man accept the wrong practices for corrupted economists under any pretext? Can any one accept leaving the economy to be in the grip of one class in society without looking for the interests of all people? 
Of course no body can ever accept such abnormal practices under any justifications like that of the freedom of creativity.

– We encourage all kinds of artistic creativity in all specializations if they were useful, reflecting our noble manners, in accordance with our religion, directs people towards goodness, prosperity and not driving them  towards evil and corruption.

– Creativity means presenting a refined art that respects values, manners in a way satisfying the masses.

– Hackney means presenting an artistic activity that is not in accordance for the values and manners of society.

We are living in a poor and developing country, consequently every artist should work in ameliorating the country’s position, call for virtue, work truth and honoring the virtue of preserving the public and private fund, the eagerness to be a positive person and participation in solving the afflictions of the country, besides, magnifying the ailments within a society, displaying assumptions for solving problems in a high literary method in accordance to the rules of art.

If artists can succeed in expressing all these virtues, they would have the great role in ameliorating the status of our country.

I wish to see one day an Arabic and Islamic art that is a refined one and being displayed all over the world to express our cultures, customs in high distinguished manners.

We do not  bear any grudge towards Adel Imam or any actor, as he he is a creative artist in acting and personalization. One can be rewarded from God when acting but if he is using his talent well. I remember the great artist Muhammad Sobhi and his famous TV series “Usrat Wanis” this artistic work was able to win a great turnout   from Arab and Egyptian masses.

This proves that a successful peace of art must not be based on absurd presenting or acting in order to attract audience.
At the end, Brethrens bear animosity towards any artist, there are many syndicates that are managed by brethrens have welcomed many actors and artists in exhibitions for plastic artists and others.

 Also, we can find this in conferences calling for freedom, yet even brethrens may have showed superior literary arts, plays, anthems, poetry, and photography that all reflect the hopes and aspirations of our people.

These arts were greatly applauded by specialists as they expressed the true art which is the useful and noble kind of art for the country and people.

Dr: Hamdy Hassan media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood bloc in the Egyptian parliament

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