The Brotherhood Is in favour of a new Coptic Party

Essam el-Arian, an influential member of the Muslim Brotherhood, stated that the group Is in favour of the formation of Christian-oriented civil parties. He mentioned that the Brotherhood called on thousand of Copts to run for local vote, supported by the Brothers, but they refused.
These statements coincide with the rise of Copts’ fear of the major wins achieved by the Brotherhood during the parliamentary polls. 
On Monday, Salon Bin Rushed at Cairo Center for Human Right Studies held a symposium, entitled’ the Brotherhood in the Parliament, a Freedom-restrictive  Religious Group or a Political Opposition Power?’ in the symposium, el-Arian requested free establishment of  parties, providing that ’ any party which is non-military, non religious-discrimination, or non-sectarian parties is allowed.’
’We seek to guarantee all Egyptians the right to launch parties. Equal to others, the Brotherhood’s party should be sanctioned’ el-Arian added.  
’The Brotherhood offered its support to thousand of Copts to vie for coming April’s local election, but they refused after consulting Pope Shnoda the third,’ el-Arian remarked.
’The group welcome any active Copts who desire to cooperate with the Brotherhood, within the citizenship right, as a member of local council, in syndicates or in the parliament,’ he indicated.
Recently, prominent Coptic figures voiced their concern over the repercussion of the political jump of the Brothers. For example, Coptic businessman, Nageeb Seawares, told the independent daily, el-Misery el-Youm, that the Brotherhood’s rise in the parliament may lead to mix between religion and politics; a matter that certainly has adverse impact on the Egyptian Exchange Stock.