The Brotherhood only wants Islam, and they see nothing but Islam as a saviour for the nation

The Brotherhood only wants Islam, and they see nothing but Islam as a saviour for the nation

The ‘Letters’ of the martyred Imam Hassan al-Banna – may Allah have mercy on him – remain the source to draw from, for anyone who wishes to know the thought, constants and truth of the approach of the Muslim Brotherhood. The letters, in their entirety, contain the Brotherhood’s ideology, methodology, and firm stances on crucial issues. In each ‘Letter’, the Imam – may Allah have mercy on him – deals with several core issues by talking about them, clarifying them, and consolidating them in the hearts of the Brotherhood.

To clarify their intellectual constants, in a ‘Letter to the youth’, we have several points of reflection:

In The Imam's choice for writing to the youth, is a clarification of the importance of the role of youth in the renaissance of the Islamic nation in general and for Islamic work in particular. They are the motivating fuel for action, and they are the ones who fulfil great hopes and attain great goals with their efforts, energies and hard work. He says: "And from here we deduce, that the youth, past and present, in every nation are the backbone of its renaissance and the secret of its strength, and for every idea the carrier of its banner.” Adding to that, I think that youth are not only an age group, even if they are the target here, but instead they are the ones who possess the ability to make sacrifices and work hard for the sake of Allah. Those who can do this is, they are the youth and should be concerned with every word of this letter.

Success factors

The ‘Letter’ begins by identifying the factors of success, and in these factors lie a stimulus for motivation, an awakening of feelings and sensations from which to sense the greatness of responsibility and a boost of morale:  “The idea will only succeed if faith in it is strong, sincerity in its path is abundant, enthusiasm for it increases and there is a willingness to sacrifice and work to achieve it.” We find that he identified the four pillars of success: faith, sincerity, enthusiasm and action, which includes the spiritual and doctrinal aspects of "faith and sincerity" next to the practical and applied aspects of "enthusiasm and action".

These ‘pillars of success’ guarantee to keep in check the enthusiasm of the youth, to guide them well, and to consolidate the concept of prioritizing the ideological aspect over everything else, as stated at the end of the letter : “And every honest worker among you in the Islamic Arena will find that which fulfils their sense of purpose and preoccupies all their time, if they be among the truthful.”