The Brotherhood only wants Islam

The Brotherhood only wants Islam

1- Who are we

We are brothers and sisters in Islam and for those who aspire, companions on the path of the Brotherhood. We strive to gather the expertise and ideas of noble and virtuous teachers, the products of institutions in the service of this blessed call. We then redistribute them, expanding their spread, to benefit all without seeking favor, for indeed there is no favor except for that which belongs to Allah, from Him we seek help, and He is The All Powerful, The All capable. We ask this from Him while respecting the  legal systems and moral rules, as our call has taught us, the pioneering call of moderate Islam.

If you wish, my brother, to obtain our service, you are welcome, and if you see otherwise, we kindly ask you to excuse us, and let us be united with you under the lush shadows of the tree of Islam or the umbrella of one humanity, which we firmly believe that the vial of its medicine is the great religion of Islam. 

So, my dear brother

Roll up your sleeves! Sharpen your enthusiasm!  And add your effort to the efforts of the charitable sons and daughters of our nation and our call!  And live in the atmosphere of these bright words, from our martyred Imam Hassan Al-Banna – may Allah have mercy on him: “I am an explorer who seeks the truth, a person who seeks the meaning of humanity among people, and a citizen who seeks for his homeland dignity, freedom, stability and a good life in the shade of The Pure Islam.  “My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds, He has no partner, and that is what I have been commanded and I am of the Muslims.” (Al Qur’an 6:158) This is me, who are you??!!

So be the hearing of the call with which you hear, and its sight with which you see, and its tongue with which you invite, and its heart that burns with longing and supplicates for its prosperity and success, and be its ethical model that you wish to present to the world, a spreader of good, a closed door to evil, a key to everything that is good and benefit to your call, your Islamic nation, and all of humanity.

May Allah grant us all the best

Allah is the greatest and all praise is due to Him